Our properties.

Our future GMP EU compliant Redvers, Saskatchewan site will be the home of our advanced, automated supercritical CO2 extractor that will provide extracts and isolates free of all chemicals and harmful residues with a level of quality assurance beyond compare.

Four acre, innovative cannabis and hemp extraction facility.

Using our GMP EU compliant, pharmaceutical grade extraction technology, we isolate individual cannabinoids for use in highly precise dosed formulations of medicinal, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and (future) edible products.

15,000 sq ft. of high tech greenhouse.

Three strategically located farms, offset to mitigate loss due to inclement weather.

The Herbert and Dumaine family farms have 100 acres each of all natural pasture land. The Douglas family farm contains 100 acres of Certified organic land.

Our process

We work with GMP compliant engineers to ensure GMP EU certification. Our highly efficient advanced CO2 supercritical isolate extraction equipment is fully automated, lowering the cost to produce full spectrum extract and specific Isolate for medicinal compounds. CO2 allows for extraction without stripping out terpenes, alkaloids and compounds that are known to increase the efficacy of CBD extracts.

We’re solvent free!

Solvent based extraction processes strip valuable elements from extracts, reducing the efficacy. They also require de-winterization, adding several days and refrigeration logistics to the process.

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