Who we are.

Chief Executive Officer

Travis George

Mr. George has extensive experience in corporate management and spurring growth through prudent use of fiscal resources. He is expert in recognizing and creating opportunities for advancement, as well as managing and nurturing strategies from paper to reality, and maximizing return on investment.

Mr. George is focused on the business development of the corporation.


Marc Dumaine

Mr. Dumaine has a proven track record building companies to support the oil and gas industry and has extensive experience in national and international manufacturing and distribution.

Mr. Dumaine is focused on the build out of our future GMP EU compliant CBD extraction site in Saskatchewan.

Chief Financial Officer

Darcy Blonke

Mr. Blonke has extensive finance experience in the ever-changing oil and gas industry. The controls he has implemented have allowed them to grow quickly while being leaders in their respective niches.

Mr. Blonke’s focus is on supporting the executive team and building the company quickly in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

Vice President

Corey Clayton

Mr. Clayton has extensive experience in commercial cannabis facility design, production, maintenance and compliance.

Mr. Clayton is focused on building out the Redvers site, with an eye to efficiency, innovation and quality.

VP, Product Development, Canada

Jayme Hunter

Mr. Hunter is ensuring the company has access to the best hemp genetics available for planting in 2019. He is also focused on our seed to shelf model, ensuring every process, from dirt to bottle is industry leading, resulting in the best CBD extracts.

Product Development, North America

Shaun Good

Mr. Good was previously the Regional VP for a large financial firm. Shaun will leverage his relationships to ensure Endless Sky is well funded to create shareholder value.

VP, Business Development

Tannis Lindsay

Mrs. Lindsay has extensive franchising and corporate management experience. She is a well rounded executive who’s focused on corporate compliance and the operational effectiveness of the company.

Corporate Agronomist

Neil Olsen

Mr. Olsen has decades of corporate agronomic experience. He works with our farmer partners on selection and cultivation of hemp to ensure Endless Sky has the best in CBD crops.