What we do.

Endless Sky intends to become an industrial scale producer of organic hemp flower and hemp CBD extracts.

The company is vertically integrated and will control the process from seed to shelf. We use the very best in plants, cultivation methods, nutrients, processing and extraction practices currently available to provide the best CBD products.

Our goal is to provide natural health products free of solvents, pesticides or heavy metals.


Improving health through plant based research and consumer health products.

We are an innovative Canadian company driven to be a global leader in producing healthful cannabidiol (CBD) extracts and isolates. Our products contain a diversity of cannabinoids and compounds that meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies around the globe.


Focus on cultivating, testing and development

advanced hemp cultivars that will offer the pharmaceutical industry access to an assortment of compounds, alkaloids and terpenes. We will empower pharmaceutical companies to produce a wide range of health products that target specific illnesses.


Inspiration. Integrity. Transparency.


To be an inspiration of innovation and execution in everything we do.


Endless Sky will set an example of professionalism and integrity by being accountable to the communities we partner with our shareholders, customers and the environment.


We will seek participation from our stakeholders (farmers and team members) and will operate with complete transparency in establishing and maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and services.